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 16 Years Old , My BD , My Story on Kz Server.

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16 Years Old , My BD , My Story on Kz Server. Empty
PostSubject: 16 Years Old , My BD , My Story on Kz Server.   16 Years Old , My BD , My Story on Kz Server. I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 03, 2013 11:16 am

Hello guys Very Happy
i'm here to thank u all for everything , i miss u guys really.. and when someone see this pls contact me : skype live:edurizzi9 :3 pls
Well i started it on 2011, when dudenuke called me to play in a server... i was bored of playing on other server called ''McImperial'' , it was cool there but , all my friends just dissapeared and.. the McImperial restarted and it don't had the same fun of the past.
so i started to play on Kz , i first wanted Gm 1 , dudenuke gave me and i started to build a iron house :Pit was not cool and well  the time passed , i invited ppl , they came , ppl dissapeared ,and all that.. then on 2012 dudenuke invited Connor , well i normal person , he just wanted to play.. then i don't know WHY , he got ranks per day. then when he was Owner (the rank that i wanted , fighted for 1 year and i don't got)he started to troll ppl , TNTS , HOUSES BLOWING , PPL DIYING , DEOPS , all that
and then.. i started with supermarioisu and superconnell a team against him , i taked the coords when i joined his Faction and we blowed his house :cheers:lol yea that was funny.. TOO MUCH!
i remember the team
Generals : superconnell and me Soldiers : cools,supermarioisu , vin
it was so funny
we burning the trees and  all  that.
then i got banned , cuz he was asking who did that to his base.. everyone was afraid of what was going to  happen .. so i joined the server and said:
''It was me..''
i got Ip Banned
then i was so rage.. i fighted with him via skype
i deleted him from skype and all that.
i have the conversation.. its ridiculous.. i wont post here this LOL
then i tried to discover his password
i tried AND BOOM
i got he.. i joined as he ACC , and unbanned me and i left.. and later i tried to acess his Acc and i don't happens , All types of Passwords that i tried and didn't work..
(yes i need to be more smart, i could op my acc and deop connor) and well , i joined the server , i had admin so i could gm 1 , i built a new base , i saw my friends and Connor joined and he said:
WTH!? how u unbanned?
i said that he unbanned me
then he banned me again.. after that i was talking to Ryan like 1 month.. and he don't disbanned me and then i stopped to play Mc like for 3 months and when started 2013 , i was unbanned , me and Connor started to be friends , Connor lost his op me and all my friends of Server made a party and G-yard with statues to bad ppl i got op, Connor never joined again and.. the server has been updated to 1.6 i could not join cuz i don't had 1.6 .. now i have and i want to restart after 2 months without joining hte server.
well thats all.. Ty for everyhing ppl
see ya
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16 Years Old , My BD , My Story on Kz Server. Empty
PostSubject: RANDOM :]   16 Years Old , My BD , My Story on Kz Server. I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 08, 2013 3:15 pm

Happy Birthday to me Very Happy 
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16 Years Old , My BD , My Story on Kz Server.
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