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 Template for Reporting a bad player and some rules

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PostSubject: Template for Reporting a bad player and some rules   Sat Jan 11, 2014 3:01 pm

When you are reporting please make sure that it is not a owner that you are reporting as me and kayla who are owners were put here so to make it clear no putting down owners here. You can put down Admins and below here.

Some Rules:
1. No putting owners here
2. No putting names here for revenge for griefing/killing as that is what the server is about
3. You must have a good reasson

When reporting follow this code:

Mc Name:
Time that it happend:
Who was involved:
Timezone: (We need this so we know what time it happened in our timezone if we are different)
What you think should happen to this person:

That will be all we need
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Template for Reporting a bad player and some rules
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