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 Anyone? Goodbye.

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PostSubject: Anyone? Goodbye.   Tue Mar 31, 2015 9:41 pm

Whelp, it's been nearly two years. I've gotten older, heck we've all gotten older. The Killzone was a fun server and I enjoyed the server, and you all were awesome(some people not). I've turned away from Minecraft because my laptop doesn't have a graphics card that supports 1.7.3 or higher, and Minecraft is currently at 1.8.3. I play ROBLOX now. ROBLOX is a game engine and people make games that get on a front page or found through a search bar/a users profile. If you want to get to me on ROBLOX, my username is: k3du53
I miss the server.
PS: I don't use Skype anymore.

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Anyone? Goodbye.
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